Since our inception in 1988 My Brother's Keeper has always been privately funded. We are totally dependent upon private donations to serve the tens of thousands of local residents who reach out to us for assistance each year. 

Faithful Friends are those who support the mission of My Brother's Keeper by making financial donations throughout the year. Recurring donations can be made monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually. 

Through this important support, My Brother's Keeper delivers healthy groceries, much-needed household furniture, and Christmas gifts to local families in need. 


 "We choose to give monthly to My Brother's Keeper because we know every dollar makes a real difference in the lives of people in our community through the ministry's programs."   

                       - The Gelly Family

Skyrocketing poverty levels are crippling families throughout Massachusetts. 

On a weekly basis, we see heads of households working two or three jobs and still struggling to make ends meet. 

For many, hope is something in the rear-view mirror. 

That's where we can make a difference. With support of our Faithful Friends, My Brother's Keeper fills refrigerators and pantries. We get children and adults up off the floor and into warm, comfortable beds. We help parents give their children a joyful Christmas they will remember.

Through our work we remind those we serve that they are loved by God and us and that there is a promise of hope. 


"I choose to give monthly to My Brother's Keeper because I know firsthand that every dollar I give helps build beds, deliver meals, and bring love and hope to those they serve."                   

                              - Andrew Staiti

How can I become part of the Faithful Friends Program? 

You can help us serve a growing number of local families who are asking for our help. By making a regular, recurring donation to My Brother's Keeper, you can help us continue our mission. 

Recurring donations can be made in various frequencies. We will gratefully accept monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual gifts. 

Your recurring gift will make an immediate and direct impact on the families in our community.


 "We choose to give monthly at My Brother's Keeper because we believe in the mission and our monthly donations keep us connected to the important services that volunteers and staff provide."

- Deacon Leo & Edna Donoghue


"I wanted to extend my gratitude for the help my daughter and I received! These last few months have been really challenging with financial insecurities, as we do not qualify for assistance. I am a hard worker but have been struggling, so your support has been a huge blessing. I cannot say thank you enough!"

- M., Fall River


"Thank you so much for the beautiful couch, chair, tables, and dresser! What a great team you have! God Bless you all and the crucifix you gave me had me teary eyed!"

- R., Rockland



Faithful Friends Brochure