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Christmas Assistance

General Information

  • All services are free
  • Assistance is provided by delivery only — no pick-ups at our facility.
  • Our Christmas Assistance Program serves families all over eastern Massachusetts including Boston and Cape Cod. We do not go to Framingham or points west.
  • All requests are processed by phone. We cannot accept e-mail requests or requests made in-person at our facility due to staffing limitations.
  • Our Christmas Assistance Line is very busy because we serve families from so many communities.
  • We will ask for the names, birthdates, clothing size, and gift ideas for each person in your family living at your home.
  • My Brother’s Keeper only accepts requests from parents in need. We do not accept second-hand requests from family, friends, or advocates. (For example, “I’m calling for a friend who needs help.”)
  • Gift ideas are suggestions only- we do not guarantee to provide specific gifts.
  • My Brother’s Keeper cannot give out high-end electronic items like iPods, cell phones, or game systems.
  • Gifts are delivered directly to homes sometime between December 1st – 24th. Our volunteers call ahead to schedule delivery appointments. To help with scheduling, our intake staff will always ask for two telephone numbers when processing request

Christmas Assistance Line

Phone: 508–238–2562
September – December
Call for up-to-date days & hours of operation