Investing in Our Future
Easton Building Project

The Miracle of the Last 20 Years

Construction of our flagship facility in Easton was completed in 2002. The 15,000 SF building has served us exceptionally well for the past two decades but My Brother’s Keeper is a different ministry today, especially after increasing services to unprecedented levels in response to COVID-19.

TWO statistics highlight our tremendous growth:


13,775 deliveries were made from our Easton facility in 2021 versus 4,000 deliveries in 2002



 4,000 volunteers serve annually in Easton today versus 1,000 volunteers in 2002


At 13,775 deliveries per year from the Easton facility, the building is very near maximum operational capacity as it is currently designed. In the interests of good stewardship, we believe now is the time to invest in the Easton facility. An investment today will allow us to continue to grow over the next 20 years and effectively serve our sisters and brothers in need in Christ’s name long into the future.

Investing for the Next 20 Years


The cornerstone of the Easton Building Project is building out a full second floor. This will add significant work and storage space within the current footprint and enable us to make many other important improvements. When completed, the results of our investment in the Easton facility will include:

  • More space: Total gross square footage will increase 86% from 15,000 SF to 28,000 SF.
  • Greater accessibility and safety: A passenger elevator meeting ADA requirements will be installed along with a 10’ x 6’ freight lift to safely move pallets and furniture between floors.
  • Better Logistics: The loading dock will increase from 350 SF to 1,800 SF (+415%) and will accommodate five vehicles at a time (two currently) ranging from semis, box trucks, cargo vans, and personal vehicles.
  • Expanded Refrigeration: The walk-in refrigerator and freezer will triple in size in support of our greatly expanded Food Assistance Program.
  • Prayer Room: The Prayer Room will double in size to accommodate our growing community and help us remain focused on our mission “To bring the Love and Hope of Jesus Christ to those we serve.”
  • Kitchen and Dining Space: “Breaking bread” is an important part of our culture—how we get to know one another and build community. Seating capacity will double in this joyful, family-oriented space.
  • Solar Power: A 188-panel solar array generating 100,000 Wh / year capable of meeting most of our electrical needs will be installed on the roof.
  • Other: Additional improvements will include a designated furniture repair room, a larger lobby for group tours, second floor bathrooms, and one new office.

Return on Investment

$ 3.80
Under a moderate growth assumption, a $4.5 Million capital investment in My Brother's Keeper today will translate into 167,000 additional deliveries to our neighbors in need worth more than $53 Million over the next 20 years.