About Us


Over the last two decades, the My Brother’s Keeper Board of Directors enacted eight policies to help the ministry remain mission-focused. Each policy is borne out of some personal experience which gave our leadership an invaluable insight that will guide our work for generations to come.

Our Mission:

“To bring the Love and Hope of Jesus Christ to those we serve.”

  • My Brother’s Keeper shall have no prerequisites for service. No one seeking assistance shall be required to justify their need or provide any information, i.e., an income statement.
  • Each person we have the privilege of serving will be offered a crucifix as a gift for their home and the following message shall be conveyed: “We’re just the delivery people. This is the person who sent you the furniture.” If the crucifix is declined for a stated religious reason, i.e., “No thank you, I’m Jewish,” our reply should be: “No problem… whoever your God is, that’s who sent you the furniture.”
  • Each day of service at My Brother’s Keeper shall begin and end in community prayer- i.e., intentions of those we serve as well as those we serve with, a stating of the mission, and the Our Father-to help us remain focused on our mission and mindful of the privilege of service. All staff, volunteers, and visitors will be invited to participate.
  • All My Brother’s Keeper vehicles shall be unmarked so as to protect the privacy and dignity of those whom we are given the privilege of serving.
  • My Brother’s Keeper shall not accept Federal or State funding but instead shall depend solely on private donations to operate.
  • My Brother’s Keeper shall not sell anything or take any money for services.
  • My Brother’s Keeper shall tithe ten percent (10%) of its income.
  • My Brother’s Keeper shall not accumulate money beyond what is necessary to ensure its ability to meet the annual operating expenses of the ministry. All surplus funds must be spent promptly on goods and services for those we serve for Christ or as part of the tithing program.