A Christian ministry which delivers furniture and food free of charge to people in need.

My Brother's Keeper is a 100% privately-funded Christian ministry which delivers furniture and food free of charge to families and individuals in need.. We also conduct one the area's largest Christmas programs. Though we have just 9 employees, we make 8,000 deliveries a year. We are truly a volunteer organization with more than 2,500 people volunteering at our facility annually.

Our Referral Philosophy:

Many charities do not help individuals unless they are referred by case managers. My Brother's Keeper is very different: we accept requests directly from people in need. There is no referral paperwork to be completed. Please empower your clients to call us directly using the phone numbers to the left.

By speaking directly to your clients, we obtain accurate information and begin building a relationship with them rooted in dignity and respect. The intake call will also make your client feel more comfortable when the delivery occurs.

General Information

  • All services are free.
  • All requests are processed by phone. We cannot accept requests made by e-mail or in person at our facility.
  • Assistance is given by delivery only— no pick-ups at our facility.
  • To qualify for our help, individuals and families must simply live within our geographic service area.
  • If your client is leaving a shelter, your client must have a key or a signed lease with firm move-in date before requesting furniture.
  • We do not replace furniture because so many people living in our service area have nothing.
  • Our assistance telephone numbers can be very busy. Your client may need to be patient and persistent.
  • My Brother's Keeper cannot provide immediate help with furniture after we receive requests. We generally have a waiting list of about 50 families because so many people call for help.

Exception for Clients in Need of Furniture

For clients in need of furniture, My Brother's Keeper makes an accommodation for case managers in two situations:

(1) your client has an extremely significant language barrier or a medical condition like Alzheimer's which makes communication impossible on their own


(2) your client has made a persistent, 'good faith' effort to call us on our assistance line but cannot get through.

In these instances, case managers can call us on our general office number, 508-238-7512 (Easton) or 774-305-4577 (Dartmouth), and some arrangement will be made to connect your client with an intake staff member. This accommodation for clients in need of furniture is meant as an exception, not the rule, for referrals. Please note, we do not make the same accommodation for our Food and Christmas Assistance Programs because other local charities also provide these services.

Thank you for referring your clients to us, for entrusting them to our care.

A suggestion: Ask yourselves this question.
"Am I my brother's keeper?" If the answer is Yes, perhaps you would like to join us, as we go Along the Way in spreading the Love and Hope of Jesus Christ.

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My Brother's Keeper is totally dependent upon private donations.

My Brother's Keeper is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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"Whatever you do for the most humble of my people, you do for me."
Matthew 25:40