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Date: February 2020

A total of 6,700 ‘shoppers’ wrapped gifts at our Easton and Dartmouth facilities. Several hundred more volunteers helped with tasks such as quality control, sorting donations, resupplying racks and shelves, answering phones, loading trucks, making deliveries and providing hospitality.…

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Date: October 2019

MBK September NewsletterA varied group of volunteers joined me for furniture deliveries: Mike, Brian, Derrick, and Nick. Two work at companies which generously support our work, one is enrolled in an addictions treatment program, and one is a My …

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Date: June 2019

God has blessed the My Brother’s Keeper Family Walk tremendously over the past decade — in 10 years, we’ve never had rain during the event — but this year’s walk was truly perfect: a high of 76 degrees, low humidity, …

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Date: February 2019

My Brother’s Keeper served a record 3,207 families this Christmas— 13,330 children and adults!— living in 93 communities between Haverhill and Harwich. In total, well over 4,000 volunteers walked through the doors…

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Date: November 2018

Regina and her son were thrilled with the new bike and appreciated our extra effort to come back the same day. It was a special birthday present. Regina thanked me effusively as I left but as I got to the …

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Date: November 2017

“There but for the grace of God, go I.” It’s a proverb we’ve all heard… an expression of humility acknowledging that any success we enjoy in life is not wholly our own. …

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Date: September 2017

In the early days of My Brother’s Keeper, founding board member Deacon John McDonough of Braintree assured us, “If you take up the mantle of God’s work, He will always provide for your needs. But God will do more than …

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Date: February 2017

This stunning 15-foot stained glass window graces our prayer room in Easton and beautifully depicts the mission of My Brother’s Keeper. The face of Jesus, top center, represents our loving God. With hands outstretched, He hears the prayers and feels …

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Date: November 2016

Stores put out Christmas items earlier each year but it doesn’t compare to how early we hear from families in need. In July and August, we typically field the first inquiries about our Christmas Assistance Program: “When will you start …

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Date: September 2016

When I reported to My Brother’s Keeper on a Wednesday in June, I saw many new young faces: a dozen students from BC High and the University of Notre Dame, two summer interns, and two Holy Cross seminarians joining the …

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Date: June 2016

“Board Volunteer Day” is an important day on the My Brother’s Keeper calendar. Every year, members of our Board of Directors and Development Board put on their jeans and sneakers. Along with other volunteers, they climb aboard our trucks and …

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Date: February 2016

This past Christmas, My Brother’s Keeper acted as “the hands and feet of Jesus” by delivering gifts and food to 3,006 families living in 92 communities all over eastern Massachusetts — a record 12,192 children and adults. What a privilege …

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Date: November 2015

My Brother’s Keeper will again serve 3,000 struggling families this Christmas living throughout eastern Massachusetts—more than 11,000 children and parents! To join us in this wonderful effort, please return the enclosed cards for our Adopt-A-Family Gift Program and Loaves & …

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Date: September 2015

The Providence College Campus Ministry staff recently came to My Brother’s Keeper for an afternoon of service. We split into two crews and Fr. James Cuddy, Fr.Peter Martyr Yungwirth, Kelly Hughes, and PC summer interns, Maodo Lo and Shannon Grady, …

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Date: May 2015

At My Brother’s Keeper, God frequently gives volunteers and staff a great privilege: the opportunity to use our special gifts and talents to serve others in His name.

Recently, we made a delivery to Marie in Brockton and I was …

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Date: January 2015

Glorious! is the best way to describe the last couple of months at My Brother’s Keeper.

We started by serving 300 families at Thanksgiving… each family receiving a wonderful, overflowing bounty of food meant for the long holiday weekend, not …

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Date: November 2014

This heartfelt letter from Gloria says it all about the importance of the My Brother’s Keeper Christmas Program. Gloria is fighting for her life but the most important thing to her is her children’s happiness: that they might have a …

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Date: September 2014

Fifteen years ago, summer was a quiet time at My Brother’s Keeper as many of our volunteers took time off to go to the Cape or spend more time with family. Today, summer is one of our very busiest times. …

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Date: January 2014

2013 was a historic year for My Brother’s Keeper. We made headlines several times as we celebrated our 25th anniversary, opened our Dartmouth facility, made our 100,000th delivery (see inside) and ended with a record setting Christmas program.…

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Date: September 2013

Great news for My Brother’s Keeper: our Dartmouth facility is officially up and running! We spent the beginning part of the summer laying the ground work: obtaining permits, equipping the offices, setting up the warehouse, installing our phone system, and …

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Date: June 2013

Last May, we shared our plan to bring the mission of My Brother’s Keeper to Fall River and the South Coast. Today, we are delighted to share wonderful news: our vision recently became a reality when we leased a second …

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Date: January 2013

God was truly present at my Brother’s Keeper this December as we celebrated the birth of His son by serving our more humble brothers and sisters. As always, we kicked off our Christmas Program in prayer. A record crowd of …

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Date: November 2012

My Brother’s Keeper started accepting Christmas requests in mid-September and we’ve already promised our help to 1,500 families. We expect this number to grow to 2,700 families in the coming weeks—more than 10,000 children and parents!

So who are the …

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Date: September 2012

I went on a delivery in Quincy with two of our young volunteers, Sam Duke of Easton and Luke Bernasconi of Hanover, both high school freshmen. Our first stop of the day was a delivery to a woman named Maria. …

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Date: June 2012

Over the past five years, My Brother’s Keeper has significantly increased the number of families served in Christ’s name. In 2011, we made a record 7,300 deliveries to 29,000 children and parents—a 57% increase in total deliveries…

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Date: February 2012

No snow… 2,500 hard-working volunteers… thousands of generous supporters… and most importantly, a deep commitment to serve struggling families in Christ’s name.  Put all of these things together and you have the makings of our most successful Christmas program ever: …

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Date: November 2011

Many of the families we serve are living day by day: struggling to keep food on the table, a roof over their heads and oil in the tank. How can these parents even think about joyously celebrating Thanksgiving and the …

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Date: August 2011

In September 2011, the next generation of leaders will be appointed by the Board of Directors to carry on Christ’s work at My Brother’s Keeper. Acting on a motion put forth by co-founders Jim and Terry Orcutt and board chair …

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Date: April 2011

Charlene and her six children had been homeless for the last six months. Worse still, there were no rooms at any area family shelter so they’d been staying in a single hotel room the whole time.…

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Date: January 2011

Truly, those in need put their faith in the Lord. He hears their prayers and He answers them. As Psalm 34 proclaims: “The Lord hears the cry of the poor. The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; and those who …

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Date: November 2010

People often say, “My Brother’s Keeper must be getting more requests than ever in this economy!” Yes, we absolutely are but, unfortunately, there’s always a waiting list for our services—in good times and in bad…

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Date: August 2010
It was late Friday afternoon when we pulled up to our last delivery in Brockton at the end of a long, very hot week. David Porzio (Quincy), Joe Zucco (BC High), Ben Williams (Coyle Cassidy) and I had no idea …
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Date: April 2010

Lisa was waiting outside her apartment in Weymouth when we pulled up in the truck. Tears immediately began to fill her eyes. “Thank you so much for helping me. You don’t know how much this means to me.”…

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Date: January 2010

As the community of My Brother’s Keeper grows, each year continues to be ‘our best year ever.’ Our 2009 Christmas Program was no exception—more families volunteered so more families in need were served in Christ’s name than ever before…

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Date: November 2009

Economists say the recession has technically ended but we know the pain hasn’t. Across America, millions are without jobs, struggling to pay their rent or mortgage and put food on the table. The same is true in Massachusetts. The Enterprise …

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Date: August 2009

In 1989, a year after Terry and I began My Brother’s Keeper, I was driving our old truck north along Route 138 heading for a delivery in Brockton. As I passed the race track in Raynham, I noticed a sign …

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Date: June 2009

I live in a suburban upper middle class town with my mom and dad, still happily married. I live comfortably with the luxuries of a happy home, a car to drive, and a place to sleep. I live a safe …

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