Meet Paul MartinDartmouth Volunteer, Deliveries
From: Somerset
If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?: San Diego
Favorite Movie: A Few Good Men
Favorite College Class/Subject: Sociology
Favorite Sports Team: Patriots
Favorite Food: Pizza
Bucket List: Do everything I can
Favorite Quote: "I'd rather fail at everything I try than succeed at doing nothing."
Could you tell me a little about yourself?
I grew up in Fall River and lived there until I was 18. The summer after I graduated high school I entered the Marines. While I was in the Marines I was stationed in San Diego and did three deployments in the Middle East—two in Iraq and one in Kuwait for 7 months tours. When I was close to the end of my four-year commitment to the Marines I started looking into other options for my professional career. I had applied to Bridgewater State and was accepted, so I left the military in 2006. At Bridgewater I received a business degree with a concentration in Information Systems. I worked in IT while in school but was looking for a career change after college. While I was applying to other jobs I started taking classes for masters in business administration. I was half way through the degree when I got a call from the State Police. It was a hard decision to drop everything and take a gamble, but I went after my dream, and I'm glad I did because being a State Trooper is the best job in the world.
How did My Brother's Keeper impact your college experience?
My sociology professor always talked a lot about social justice and helping those in need, which sparked my interest in volunteering. I then became involved with the Bridgewater State community service office and one day they took us to My Brother's Keeper to do food deliveries. Going on the deliveries and seeing the conditions some people lived in helped me realize the overwhelming need for this kind of organization. On one food delivery I noticed that there was a huge hole in the ceiling and that parts of the ceiling were falling to the floor. However, the mother didn't care about that at all because she was so thankful for the food that we gave her. Her eyes lit up and she opened the bags right away. She was so grateful for just the basic necessities that it made me want to continue to volunteer and help more people in her situation.
How do you balance being a State Trooper full time with volunteering at My Brother's Keeper?
Both my job and My Brothers Keeper mean a lot to me and I am passionate about both. I work the overnight shift from 11 pm – 7 am, and I'm in court on average 2 or 3 times a week so my schedule is always changing. Luckily, Josh, the Director of the Dartmouth Facility is willing to work with my schedule so I help when I can. I do furniture pick-ups and deliveries and work on anything else they need help with. I don't have a problem giving up sleep and volunteering in Dartmouth instead of picking up an extra shift at work. Extra money is not worth missing out on volunteering and helping those who need it most.
How has My Brother's Keeper influenced who you are today?
My character has changed because of my service and I am more open-minded now. One time my friend told me that a man who was digging through the trash had asked her for money but she didn't give him any because she saw he had a Mercedes in the parking lot. If I didn't have my experiences volunteering at My Brother's Keeper then my reaction might have been similar, but instead I thought that she couldn't really make a fair judgment about him because she didn't know anything about his situation or the circumstances involving the car. I encouraged her to take all these factors into account before she judged someone next time. I take my experiences volunteering to my job as well. Even though sometimes the people I interact with at work aren't always the best behaved, I believe that everyone deserves respect and so I treat them that way.
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