Meet Paul CahillOffice Volunteer
From: Abington
College attended: Stonehill College
If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go: Russia
Favorite sports team: Red Sox
Favorite ice cream flavor: Vanilla ice cream with hot fudge
Favorite quote:
"Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam"–For the Greater Glory of God
"Aien Aristeuein"–Ever to Excel
Could you tell me a little about yourself?
I was raised in South Boston where I lived with my mom, dad, four sisters and brother and attended St. Augustine's grammar school. We then moved to Dorchester and I attended BC High. After a year of college, I joined the Air Force, where I received training in Russian language and spent time stationed in Berlin, Germany and Trabzon, Turkey. In Berlin I saw President Kennedy in his motorcade en route to deliver his "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech. After the Air Force I continued my education graduating from Stonehill College Evening Division. I've worked at the Post Office, as a Singer sewing machine salesman and for the last 31 years of my working years at Internal Revenue Service mostly as a Revenue Agent. I currently live in Abington.
What are your interests outside of My Brother's Keeper?
I have been married for 46 years to my wife, Kathy, and we have six children and eight grandchildren who are all spread out around eastern Massachusetts. I spend a lot of fun time with my grandchildren, I am interested in genealogy and I also run a website linking upcoming events and news articles around the town of Abington.
How long have you been volunteering at My Brother's Keeper?
I was first introduced to My Brother's Keeper 25 years ago. After my wife's mother died, Kathy and her sisters had to sell the family home in Wollaston. They donated furniture to My Brother's Keeper along with two cans of pennies. About 11 years ago, I was reconnected to My Brother's Keeper through my son, Paul, when he told us about his family's great experience wrapping Christmas presents here. Soon after that I called My Brother's Keeper looking to volunteer and after a meeting with Erich, I've been volunteering ever since.
What is a memorable story from your time at My Brother's Keeper?
When my daughter Anne brought my grandkids Ben and the twins, Sophie and Emma, to wrap presents during Christmas time. I remember how excited Ben was to think that he got to go shopping, go down the aisles filled with toys and pick out the perfect present for another child. He was on a mission to find the best present for them and it was really great to see how excited he was to help.
What keeps you coming back to My Brother's Keeper?
I really enjoy the people at My Brother's Keeper as well as the feeling of doing something for others. Christmas is my favorite time here. I usually have the job of controlling the supermarket gift cards that we give out to every family we serve and I really feel like I am playing an important part in the Christmas process. During the rest of the year, I do a lot of different things administratively at the Easton facility such as helping with the accounts payable and bank deposits and updating the Book of Remembrance, a list of deceased community members we pray for every day. I also help handle the furniture delivery surveys, which we send out to ask families for their feedback on their furniture delivery.
Any final words?
I am blessed to have a wonderful life with an awesome wife, great kids and grandkids, all involved with My Brother's Keeper in furthering its mission. It is especially great to have everyone together at My Brother's Keeper around Christmas time.
Thank you, Paul, for making a difference
at My Brother’s Keeper!
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