Meet Lisa EdwardsMy Brother's Keeper Staff, Stonehill Service Corps
From: Cheshire, CT
If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?: Ecuador
Favorite quote or book: Waking up this morning I smile knowing there are 24 brand new hours before me. I vow to live fully in each moment, and look at all beings with eyes of compassion. – Thich Nhat Hanh
Favorite college class: Figure Drawing
Favorite extracurricular at college: Orientation Leader
Favorite concert: Jacks Mannequin with the Fray
Bucket list: to get a VW Microbus and have a party where all my friends and family paint and decorate it together and then it becomes my car.
Could you tell me a little about yourself?
I grew up in a family of four in the small town of Cheshire, Connecticut, but I went to school in New Haven and Hamden, which are very diverse cities in CT. I am really interested in the issues that come from this diversity such as inequality and social justice so becoming involved in service in high school and college was a natural progression. I graduated from Stonehill last year with a degree in marketing and studio art. I also love to journal. I have journaled almost every day since kindergarten.
Could you explain the service program you're a part of that has placed you at My Brother's Keeper?
It's called the Stonehill Service Corps of Brockton. There are nine of us in the program who live together in a house in Brockton. The four pillars of the program are: service, living in community, living simply and growing in our spirituality. We have two minivans and we carpool to and from our placements each day. Living in community has been amazing and we are becoming a really close family.
How did you decide to do a year of service after college?
It was never anything that I had considered before. Before graduation I had three job offers and I had already officially accepted one. However, at the last minute I realized that most of my friends were so excited for what they were doing post graduation and I did not feel the same excitement about what I was going to be doing after I graduated. This disappointed me, so I thought that I might be meant to do something else. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life, but I knew that I loved service, so I saw it as the perfect time to drop everything and do service for a year.
Why did you choose My Brother's Keeper as your service placement?
From the second I heard about the Corps I knew that I wanted to be at My Brother's Keeper. I had heard about My Brother's Keeper before but I had never made it over there during my undergrad. I really fell in love with the mission statement.
I have always been passionate about doing what I can to make people feel validated. I knew an organization that works toward spreading the love and hope of Jesus Christ to those we serve aligned perfectly with that passion. Furthermore, I knew it would push me outside of my comfort zone. It is not always easy to walk into the homes of strangers and try to make THEM feel at's the perfect way to learn so much about humanity! I act as a direct service staff member so I lead volunteers, drive vehicles for deliveries and pick ups and I get to spend time with the volunteers.
How has faith played a role in your life?
For me what it all comes down to is human dignity and a passion for making people aware that they deserve dignity and that God wants everyone to feel his love. I take this on as my personal mission. I actually have my own mission statement for myself and it goes like this: “To be a light in as many lives as possible.” I try to not complicate people's lives. I just want them to breathe, relax, smile and have a moment of happiness. This is something I definitely try to do at My Brother's Keeper as well.
What is a memorable story you have from your time at My Brother's Keeper?
When I was training with Jim Orcutt we did a delivery to a little boy who was getting his first bed the day before his first day of kindergarten. He was so excited to be getting a bed that as soon as the bed was set up he was jumping on it and then at some point he transitioned and jumped up on me too. When Jim did the presentation of the crucifix at the end the little boy gasped and exclaimed, “It's God!” Jim always says that the little boy's reaction shows how important the mom's faith is to her how much she wanted her son to have that faith as well.
Any final worlds?
I love My Brother's Keeper and how welcoming the volunteers have been to me. I would like to say a general “thank you” to everyone for making me feel at home here.
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