Meet Delilah JohnsonStudent Volunteer
From: Little Compton, RI
If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?: Tanzania
Favorite movie:
Good Will Hunting
Favorite school activity: Swimming
Favorite color: Light purple
Favorite part of summer: Delivering love and hope
Favorite summer food: Ice cream
Bucket list: Climb a mountain
Dream College?: Somewhere in New England or in a city such as Boston
Where are you from?
I am an incoming junior at Bishop Stang, a Catholic high school in North Dartmouth, MA. I am from Little Compton, RI. It is a very small town, but I am happy with the area because of how simple and beautiful it is.
Besides volunteering, what other interests do you have?
I have played piano since first grade, so I greatly enjoy playing piano and learning compositions. Piano has become a great way for me to express emotion and focus passion into something musical. I also spend a lot of time swimming. I will often spend a full day at My Brother’s Keeper and then go straight to my afternoon swim practice. It’s an activity that I can continue for the rest of my life.
Can you tell me a little about your experience at Bishop Stang?
I spent a lot of time volunteering at My Brother’s Keeper this summer, which is great because I am in love with this kind of work. In addition, my family and I were able to sail to Block Island. Sailing was a great thing that we could all do together this summer when my dad wasn’t working.
When and why did you start volunteering?
I have been volunteering at My Brother’s Keeper during Christmas time since I was little. I now also volunteer regularly at the Dartmouth facility since it is close to Bishop Stang. As a Freshman, I realized that it would be extremely beneficial for me to begin to expose myself to the My Brother’s Keeper mission and join a loving community that works together for a common good, which is the concept that I value most in life.
Do you volunteer with a group of your classmates?
I love volunteering with my friends from school, but I have come to consider everyone that I work with at My Brother’s Keeper as a part of my family. I have come to love and learn from every volunteer that I have the pleasure to spend time with.
What do you do when you volunteer?
I like to work hard and challenge myself so when I am at My Brother’s Keeper, I am willing to do anything that Josh, Dave, and Ben, the staff members at the Dartmouth Facility, ask of me. I work both in house and on the road for pickups and deliveries. No matter the type of work that I do, it is all rewarding in the end. I have been the only volunteer sometimes, but that never bothers me because the community ultimately works together for a greater good.
What is a memorable story you have from your time at My Brother’s Keeper?
Every delivery is meaningful to me, so I try to reflect at the end of the week on each day and the people that I meet on each delivery. However, one particular delivery made me deeply consider how ordinary teenagers my own age didn’t choose the life they were born into or the hardships they face. I can recall this delivery where I met a very ordinary family, which included two educated parents as providing and loving figures in the lives of their three beautiful and relatable daughters. Though the parents were educated and capable of potentially obtaining jobs, they were victims of identity theft and had recently lost everything in a house fire. They were beginning to reestablish their lives but were left with very little belongings and furniture; so luckily, we were able to bring them not only the furniture they needed, but also the hope that God was on their side.
What is your favorite part of My Brother’s Keeper?
I cherish a lot of aspects of My Brother’s Keeper, but I really appreciate that I am a part of a community that works together to deliver hope. The Dartmouth staff members and others involved with My Brother’s Keeper have positively influenced my life. They have given me the courage to do this work and built confidence while embracing God’s plan and the goodness that I have to spread.
Do you have any idea about what you might want to do after high school?
I am not 100% sure of what career I want to pursue quite yet, but I know that I want to continue to help people through some sort of work that God will lead me to. My Brother’s Keeper has led me to be content with creation or the way things work out and excited for my life. I have come to understand that I have the power to help and an undeniable passion for service.
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