Meet Alice DennisThursday Volunteer
From: Stoughton
If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?: Jerusalem
Favorite book: Bible
Favorite type of music: Gospel
Favorite food: Pasta and anything I don't have to cook!!!
Hero / Idol: Jesus Christ
Could you tell me a little about yourself?
I grew up in Roxbury, MA. I am retired from Corcoran Management Company, a property management company, where I worked for about 19 years. I started out working in that field for Stoughton Housing Authority in the late 80s and I managed other properties before working with Corcoran. I now live in Stoughton and I have 2 adult children and 5 grandchildren.
What is your favorite family story?
My grandson Anthony graduated from college two years ago but when he was younger, he would see commercials that said, "When it snows, check on your pets." So when it snowed, Anthony would call me and tell me that the reason for his call was to check on his pet (me)! This year when he called for my birthday in January, he said, "Did you like the present I sent you? I sent you all this snow!" So Anthony has graduated from checking on his pets to sending me snow.
What are your interests outside of My Brother's Keeper?
My family, my parish and my friends. Also music, I love Jazz, Gospel and Rhythm and Blues.
Can you talk about your involvement with the Holy Cross Retreat House near My Brother's Keeper and Stonehill?
I attend retreats there. I have also been on Team at the Cursillo Retreats. As a volunteer I serve meals and clean up after retreats. I lived Cursillo in 1988. It's a retreat that is life changing for a lot of us. There are separate retreats for men and women and they involve talks, Masses and meals. I found out about it through a friend and that's how most of us get involved—it gets passed on through word of mouth.
How long have you been volunteering at My Brother's Keeper?
It has been about 10 or 11 years. I retired around 2002 and I knew it was time for me to retire but I prayed to God because I wanted something else that was meaningful to do with my life. I had just gotten involved with the Retreat House and that is where I heard about My Brother's Keeper.
What is a memorable story you have from your time at My Brother's Keeper?
My favorite story is from three Christmases ago. I was a checker, so I was the person who approved the Christmas presents that each group picked out for their assigned family. I was checking one group's set of presents and all the mother in their family had asked for was a set of queen size sheets. I checked everywhere but unfortunately we did not have any of these in stock. It was heartbreaking. However, just before I was about to sign off to let the group start wrapping their gifts, a truck full of queen sized sheets pulled up to the warehouse! We almost started crying with joy. It just proved to me that our Lord will not be outdone in generosity.
What do you do when you volunteer at My Brother's Keeper?
Friends and I work on the kitchenware—dishes, pots, pans, silverware and cookware—we wash them and then pack them in boxes to deliver to families.
What keeps you coming back to My Brother's Keeper?
The love, the laughter and the food, along with knowing that I play a part in serving others. I am usually very quiet until I get with these wonderful noisy volunteers (I'm lying I'm very noisy).
What is the most important lesson that you have learned in your life so far?
Proverb 3, Verses 5-6, "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him and He will direct your path." Trusting in faith isn't easy because there are always trials but that is the important lesson that I am learning.
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