1. Lindsay P.

    Thank you to My Brothers Keeper for my children’s & family gifts this Christmas! Many thanks to all the volunteers & donators who selflessly gave their time, money & gifts to families like mine in need this holiday season! You all are truly a blessing to so many!! Thanks to all of you, my 3 boys & I had an amazing Christmas!! Seeing the joy on my kids faces as they opened their gifts, meant the world to me. You all are angels sent!! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from my family to all of yours. 2018 Christmas

  2. Tabbatha R.

    I want to thank my brother keeper for everything. I highly appreciate it

  3. Helena V.

    I wanted to thank you for all the good you all are doing in making sure family’s are smiling through this Christmas. We are thankful and wish you all a merry Christmas.

  4. Stephanie K.

    I never got to tell you how very thankful my Family and I were for your help in 2010 for Christmas! I did not get to say thank you, so I am now! My heart is so full of gratitude for you all there at My Brothers Keeper, you made a whole family very happy, and my son was so happy with his toys. If that was not enough, you came and delivered our Turkey Basket and all the gifts and would not let us help carry stuff. Truly a gift from god you all are! Thank you so much Merry Christmas to you all and Happy New Year as well <3

  5. Meghan

    My 11 year old daughter, two friends and I volunteered last night at the Christmas program. My daughter and I were able to do it last year and she’s talked about it ever since. It is truly a highlight of the season. We met Mr. Orcutt last night, he was so kind asking us about our experience. I didn’t realize he was the founder until today. I wanted to reach out to say thank you for building such a wonderful organization. It is an honor to do a small part and we thank you for giving us the opportunity and for all of the wonderful people at the warehouse. We look forward to doing it again next year. Merry Christmas!

  6. Richard B.

    I’d like to thank you for the opportunity for having a chance to be a part of your Christmas program.

  7. Susan

    This is a wonderful organization. I have told many people about the services you offer and several of them have benefited from the furniture assistance. I have also told many friends and relatives about your organization when they had household items and furniture to donate. Thank you for everything you do. I’m hoping to be able to volunteer soon.

  8. John

    I would like to take the time to thank all of the people who care and give their time and compassion to go out of the way to help others in need. I would like to think the time I served in the army, all 16 years, that I made a difference, but it takes everyone to make the difference count on the larger scale.

    God Bless the men and women and all of your family who take the time to help understand and just be there for all of those in need. Love and peace really mean something for all man kind.

  9. Shantili

    I like that you guys are here to help people that need the help. It is really nice that you guys are helping those who need it. It’s very kind that there nice people helping other.

  10. B. CLARK

    Thank You so much for the wonderful Christmas gifts for my family and I we love everything

  11. Barbara

    Thank you for the warm sleeping bags. All the girls/women in winter relief appreciate them. Nice and warm. 6 women altogether.

  12. Selina

    I am so grateful for My Brothers Keeper. They have been helping me for the past, I want to say, six years that I have known about them and they have done so much for me and my family. We greatly appreciate everything that they do for us as far as for Christmas and on a monthly basis with food. I want to say thank you so much. You guys have helped me with a crib for my granddaughter. You helped me with beds for my two boys and we just appreciate everything that you do. Continue the good work and God has blessed you with two cookies to do thank you

  13. Amanda

    I’m so grateful four My Brothers Keeper I’m starting over with my kids 3 boys and I have absolutely nothing when I move in next week. My Brothers Keeper it’s here to help me and I thank God four that. God bless everyone at my brother’s keeper. I.really appreciate everything you have done for my family

  14. Margaret

    I am forever grateful, I had just moved into my very own first apartment in East Weymouth. Single Mom with two little girls, we move into an empty place I had no food or money. My case worker from Lower Mills, gave me your contact information. I was overwhelmed with joy for all you provided myself and family the day of delivery. I tell all in real need about the many blessing you provide. I can’t thank you enough, I thank God for you , My Brothers keeper!

  15. Gregory

    I love yas all,God worked through all of you,to save my life,I had no food,and gave all i had to avoid homelessness,you all were there for me,thanks from the bottom of my heart,.,

  16. Billy and Deborah

    It was truly a blessing when a friend made us aware of your organization. We were recently married after having known each other for sixty years. We want to make a furniture donation since Billy is moving to North Carolina near the end of August. We feel that it is we who are blessed to share. To know that some family may benefit from our donation is so meaningful to us. We look forward to hearing from you soon. God’s love and abundant mercy be upon you.

  17. Mary

    You delivered new furniture, bed, and dishes to my brother, who suffers from mental illness. He had an episode and got rid of everything in his apartment and gave up on life. After he sought the help he needed he went back to an empty apartment. My family contacted you and you delivered all new much needed furniture. God bless you ministry and being there for my brother. Prayers were answered! Thank you all!

  18. Maria

    I was just overwhelmed with tears of joy when I saw the donation that was delivered to a dear friend in need in Weymouth. I am grateful for all of your good deeds. You are definitely doing God’s work and bless all of you who give back day in and day out. I would like to volunteer at My Brother’s Keeper!

  19. Armanda

    Thank you, my brothers keeper for taking time out of you’re important day to deliver our new beds and and kitchen table. I am very thankful for : Josh and his crew to do this important deed for us today. Thank u so much.

  20. Rick Alvarnaz

    I am a social worker in Brockton, and recently one of my consumers was in need of furniture her new apartment when she was finally discharged from a local nursing home. The My Brother’s Keeper team was such a blessing to her as they furnished her apartment with great furniture for every room! Jimmy and his crew delivered the furniture with great enthusiasm and energy which really revealed God’s love. My client was so pleased and pleasantly surprised at what they brought and enjoyed their visit. Thank you so much for what you have done and continue to do!

  21. Heather James

    I have never heard of your program until last night while eating out with my family. A few young men came in and before sitting they joined hands to pray. Their table was beside ours and my kids were eating. As soon as I saw they were getting ready to pray, I had my kids bow their heads. After eating my kids thanked them for praying in public. I would like to thank all of you because my kids had the experience to see it is appropriate to pray not only at home but in public also. Thank you!!

  22. Michele Wareham

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to help out with Santa’s Workshop. 2016 is the 1st year that I have been able to participate due to my work schedule but it will not be my last. I felt so blessed to be a part of your good works (even a teeny part!) . Everyone was so friendly and kind to me. I will keep an eye on your website for upcoming opportunities. Thank you all so much for the wonderful work you do every day and for allowing me to feel like I got to help a little! God Bless all of you! Michele

  23. Faye Richardson

    I was blessed by my brother’s keeper on numerous occasions. For Christmas my boys received many gifts that i wouldn’t have normally been able to provide for them. My boys know that Christmas isn’t about gifts and getting what they want but its about our Savior. Not only do you help so many families but you also show us the love of Christ. Thank you so much to all the volunteers who bought, wrapped and delivered food and gifts to my family and i throughout the years. God bless you all!

  24. Beatrice

    Thanks you my brotherkeeper for send gift for my family.

  25. Teneka Williams

    Thank you My Brothers Keeper!!

  26. nancy Baranet

    When my job took me up north in 1988, I lost track of Ira. Our office staff kept me appraised of his valiant fight and his tribute to the family tells everything one needs to know about his character. GOD BLESS YOU ALL AT THIS TIME.

  27. Suze Sydney

    Hi good morning .I was more than bless when I find my brother’s keeper I was in a bad living situation my brother’s keeper save my life.Thank you for all the support ,GOD will always giving you more to help people like me.Thank you may God bless you all.Suze

  28. Stephanie

    I want to say thank you to My brothers keeper for blessing my family many times over. We received our furniture today and i just want to give thanks you as well as to my lord savior for sending me to my brothers keeper and my brothers keeper for answering my call. We had nothing and now we have been blessed abundantly. I can not say thank you enough please take this note and my sincere words and know that i have been blessed. God Bless.

  29. Omara Keneth

    I thank you so much My Brothers keeper for the work you are doing to the needy most especially orphans and widows. this is so much of the responsibility the lord has left for others to do unto others. I pray for this ministry to reach Uganda so that people may learn to build love for one another as Christians. 1corinthians 13:1-8

  30. Robert Njanja

    Thanks for the articles.

    Please continue.

    It’s encouraging.

  31. stephanie richotte

    i just want to say thank you to you beautiful people thank you for all you do in making the lives of others a little bit easy,im forever gratful for all you do i just put my name on the prayer list so thank you for that as well i love all you beautiful people..thank you in advance love stephanie

  32. Robert Njanja

    Thanks for your article. It is a good and blessing script.

  33. Carmen flores

    May Godbless I want to thank you in yr 2012last time I’m very grateful Thankful, for making Christmas come true my children’s gr were happy they got everything on their wish list ,Volunteers Thanks for being so helpful that’s blessings great people Thanks to jjrsis and staff I’ve been blessed you are amazing I’m try this year I’m hoping for the best…this year Thanks again Brother keeper’s and all support volunteer s ..God bless.

  34. Robert Njanja

    Am impressed by what you’re doing for the glory of God.

    May our Almighty God enlarge your territories like Jebez .
    Am a missionary from Kenya.I have just finished a diploma training in missionary studies. Am looking foward to serving God across nations.

    Be bkessed.

  35. Jeffery P.

    I was amazingly surprised by the love and caring people, that literally took their time out for me, helping me get my furniture for my apartment. I will never forget the kindness and thoughtfulness by all that was involved. You all will forever be in my heart for what you all have done for me. I don’t know what I would have done without you all. I have lived with caretakers for 16yrs. and now I am on my own feet again I feel like I can make my life proud. I would also like to personally thank Jim and his wife [very, very kind folks] who are out on a mission to help people… You all will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN !!!!!


    I just wanted to send a brief note to My Brothers Keeper in Dartmouth, MA facility. Words cannot express how much I appreciate your timely gift. Thanks, for the mattress & bedframes, dresser, floor lamp and gift box with the cross. Jesus is always on time. I will share my blessings and your contact information; so others may be blessed. God bless everyone at all locations for their love and kindness. PS: blessed June 2016.

  37. janet Perry.

    Enjoy your relections of the gospel.

  38. Rosa Lopez

    Happy New Year 2016
    Rosa Lopez like to say thank you very much during christmas with our family of 15 kids. Though its the moments of keeping together day in and days out.
    God Bless and hope this year can be better for more families.

  39. A.C. Ivery

    What I love and respect about your organization is it lives up to the ideals of the bible, such as: That that you do for the least of you, that you do for me,(Jesus). Keep up the good work. A.C Ivery

  40. Brea goyette

    I just wanted to say thank you for making my daughters Christmas!! She loves each and every present. So did we!! Thanks so much. You have no idea how much this means to us. You guys are awesome!! Xoxo

  41. francy cruz

    You are in my heart and in my prayers. But more I know you are in God’s Holy Heart…God bless you abundantly and / …make God shine His face upon you and be merciful with you…as Bible say. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2016.

  42. carmindo andrade

    I just want to thank my brothers keeper for helping me and my family every year. god bless you all,we truly appreciate you.

  43. Adam Smith

    Two thumbs up!

  44. Kathy

    Thank you for all that you do if it wasn’t for you my kids would never have much of a Christmas. We are truly thankful. God Bless

  45. Artie Burns

    25 years…Wow! I know many lives have been changed through this ministry!! I know that it has changed mine in so many ways.I am truly a different person today and I know it has something to do with MBK. Thanks for all you do and allowing me to be part of it.…congratulations and God bless!

  46. lamarra

    November 10th. Was the greatest second day I had in a long time.The day I seen the truck pull up with furniture in my empty apartment. I felt so much joy and love I want to say thank you so….God bless you. You are truly changing lives.
    Ps.My children came home to the littlest things beautiful blankets in a new TV thank you so much

  47. Leslie Trubiano

    Was blessed by helping me with some very needed items for my home., The gentleman that help came back into my house and gave me a gift of a very powerful cross with Jesus – its very powerful. I am blessed. Thank you.

  48. Jeannette

    I was very blessed to find my brothers keeper. You have filled my christmas with joy and happiness and i appreciate everything you have done in the last couple years God Bless and hope you can continue to bless families in need

  49. Kimberly cleary

    Love to all of you that Help me with Christmas shopping…

  50. Rose Blanchard

    I love the great service and what you do in Christ’s name love all of you
    God Bless

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