1. Annita Donovan

    Thanks for all you good works

    God Bless

  2. sue

    saw your add in newspaper. looking for any opportunity to volunteer in any capacity in dartmouth area.please let me know asap. thank you

  3. Theresa Kelly

    Four of your wonderful teens came to my condo in Norton MA yesterday to pick up a recliner and bedding. They were the most delightful people and very nice to my cat Buddy. I would like to thank them again and also will make a donation to your organization. I love what you do. God Bless all of you.

    Theresa Kelly
    Norton, MA

  4. Jenny

    I love these poems and this site. These types of sites are are to find on the internet, I don’t surf much, but I rea;;y have enjoyed reading these inspirations.My little brother is a new Christian, and I send him anythig I can that will help him learn more about what it means to walk with God. God Bless You, Jenny

  5. Rosie McGraw

    I would like to gain information about how I may start a program like this for our community-can you help? There is a great need, and I could recruit the VISTAs and Program Coordinate.

    Thanks, Rosie.
    AmeriCorps VISTA Alumni
    Phone: (704) 718-3714

  6. Mannie Lopes

    I have enjoyed reading all you do in the name of the Lord.

    I also in my Great Commission currently and in the future.

    Please keep me in your dtabase

  7. stephen gallagher

    imagine, there are people in this world who never heard of My Brothers Keeper. I have lived on the SOUTH SHORE for 60 years and never once heard the name. but this Sunday in Brockton at a park I heard about MBK through LISA EDWARDS who was volunteering for an event called 2cd Sunday by the Love Alliance church. Also met her very good friends Emily and Sean . well, keep up the wonderful service for those in need. certain you are recieving blessings for all you do. In Christ, Stephen

  8. Marisa

    I’m a social worker, who came across your page while researching donated items for client. What a lovely & wonderful thing you do. This is truly a useful service done with kindness. It is much appreciated. Thanks so much for the time & effort you all put in to make others lives better.

  9. carol chandanais

    I jus wanted to thank u very much for all the gifts at Christmas! Brothers Keepers is a God send. Keep up the good work u do making a change in peoples lives. Thank u again carol c

  10. RMB

    All I did was make a referral for a client, a simple phone call, and I feel so blessed by the outpouring of love and generosity from your agency. My client has been without a bed for 10 years, and like many, she tried saving for one, but the money would be needed elsewhere. You have given her such an amazing gift, one that will improve her physical, mental, and emotional health. I am so grateful to be able to hear the excitement in her voice. Thank you!

  11. stephanie

    Thank you so much for the Christmas assistance… My family and I are so greatful for the gifts we received from My Brothers Keeper!!! Words can’t express how thankful we all are!!! God bless you all at my brothers keeper!

  12. Debbie H.

    god bless brothers keeper. I am so thankful and grateful to have had them touch my heart. My story has been often told, after being homeless for over 2 years I was fortunate enough to find public housing like. all I had we’re close on .my back. Brother’s keeper provided me with all the basics to get started. Josh the fellow that answeredthe phone in North Dartmouth was very compassionate and helpful. Delivery was prompt and the volunteers didn’t excellent job. I won’t forget brother’s keeper and all the things you did for me. God bless

  13. Cobar Family

    Thank you all so much for helping my family in a time of need. You guys are amazing and we are truly grateful.

  14. Lynne Elle

    Hoping my Donation can make someone sleep soundly each day and or night..It feels good to know I can make a difference for someone that needs something..this is a Wonderful organization!! I will continue to give things to people in need! God Bless! Lynne Elle @ Kevin Clancy

  15. Knights of Columbus #14236

    Congratulations on the expansion and move into our town. We are looking forward to working with your wonderful organization.
    God Bless!

  16. Chris Pereira

    Thank you for all you do. God Bless!

  17. Kristin Byron

    My Brother’s Keeper is a blessing to those in need. I would like to congratulate this amazing organization on their 100,000th (and counting) delivery. God Bless you and all that you do.

  18. tiffany martin

    i sure know God wull bless u all for your works. Amen

  19. jasmin pacheco

    thank u so much for helping me an my family i dont kno wht i would do with out your help love you all an god bless

  20. St. John the Evangelist Parish - Canton

    Congratulations to all of those at My Brothers Keeper on 25 years of Christian Service!
    We are grateful for the work you do to help serve our brothers and sisters, and with respect for their dignity, and with care and compassion.
    We have had many occasions here at St. John’s to direct people in need to you, and they have remarked to us about the dignified and caring treatment and concern they were shown.
    God Bless all of you at My Brothers Keeper, and may God continue to Bless your work for generations to come.
    Your friends at St. John the Evangelist Parish, Canton, Mass.

  21. Ed Giordano

    My Brother’s Keeper is so much more then the buildings, furniture and food which provide the material goods that serve our brothers and sisters in Christ.My Brother’s Keeper is faith, humility, hope and community of God’s people who have seen the face of Jesus Christ in those that they are blessed to serve. As a diaconal candidate, the MBK plunge that I was blessed to participate touched my heart deeply and continues to form me in service to the people of God. I am blessed to be considered a member of the MBK family.

  22. Josh Smith

    I never could have imagined the profound impact My Brother’s Keeper would have on my life when I first walked through the doors 13 years ago. We are all so grateful for the countless thousands who over the past 25 years have helped to make this special community into what it is today. And now I could not be more proud to be a part of bringing this special community to the South Coast!

  23. Larry and Luzann

    I am reminded of the song lyrics, “We are one body, the body of Christ, and we do not stand alone….we are one body the body of Christ and He came that we might have life,” and that is what MBK has done for all of us…it has given us life that has nourished us with opportunities to serve and be served, to work together with our own family and in a community each in our own way with our own gifts as we grow in our love of God and neighbor and find the joy in our midst, (usually Jim is there telling one of his jokes or Terry cooking up something delicious). Thank you for sharing Christ’s love and hope and inspiring all to go and do likewise. As Father Joe says, “God is in this house!”

  24. Naderge

    I want to take the time to thank you guys so much for helping this past year. I’m a single mother of four and last summer our whole house was infected with bed bugs and we had to throw away all our furniture. I had no money to get new ones and I had a baby on the way. But God is good and you guys came through to help. I pray that the Lord continues to help and protect you guys. Again, thank you

  25. Dave & Joan Mendes

    Dear Jim and Terry

    Congratulations on 25 wonderful years at My
    Brother’s Keeper. You have brought so much
    Joy and Kindness to so many people and
    the Love of Our Lord Jesus to everyone of them. Thank You for your Love and
    Friendship all these years and for leting us be
    part of your Mission for Christ.

    Much Love Peace and Joy to You Both.

    David & Joan Mendes

  26. Anonymous

    If it wasn’t for My Brother’s Keeper, I really don’t know what I would’ve done for my 7 year old girl. I’m a single mom and you guys helped me for the past two years, and I thank you so much. God Bless

  27. Kimberly

    I’d like to quote something I often say from my favorite hymn / prayer, Prayer of St Francis: “It is in giving of ourselves that we receive.”
    When I learned about MBK last spring I attended the walk and volunteered as much as I could during the summer. What a good feeling I received knowing I was helping people in need! But my family and I were also in need. I recently received help with furniture, my sister and her children now have furniture and items they really needed, and of the most valuable that I received this past year were friendships I made and a feeling of belonging to a new, faith-filled family. Thank you!
    To twenty five more years of not “just the people who deliver” but the instruments of His peace.

  28. Shawn, Lori, Ryan and Pamela

    The Grant Family wishes My Brother’s Keeper a Happy 25th Anniversary! Our lives have been richly blessed and enriched by the beautiful mission of this ministry. We look forward to many more years of service, and helping you all bring God’s Love and Hope into the world.

  29. Colleen Cleaves

    Happy Anniversary! I had been in search of a place that would help me teach my kids that Christmas wasn’t about getting but about giving! This is the place, my kids get to see first hand how to help others! I love the fact that anyone… any age can help and in so many different ways, all year round! Keep up God’s good work! We will be back again and again! Thank You!

  30. Paul, Lisa and Maire Foley

    “…and the greatest of these is love”. We are privileged and honored to be allowed to offer our efforts on behalf of our brothers and sisters through the MBK ministry. We always receive that love and hope back ten-fold from our loving Father. Blessings to the founders, and to all who labor daily to bring the love and hope of Jesus Christ to those they serve. Congratulations on 25 years!

  31. Clare Miller

    I love going to My Brother’s Keeper in the Christmas season! It’s fun to bring friends and wrap gifts for families! I love My Brother’s Keeper! 🙂

  32. Tish

    What a wonderful place. Thank you for all you have taught my family.

  33. Virginia

    My Brothers Keeper has been a part of my families lives for close to 25 years now. My parents started volunteering many many years ago when I was a young kid. When they first started volunteering it was something I just heard about. I didn’t see first hand what my brothers keeper stood for until a few years later. I would come down around Christmas time and help out and I loved the feeling it gave me. I loved being able to help others and to see how
    the receivers appreciated it.
    one of the best things now about goig to my brothers keeper and helping out is how not only how good it makes me feel to helpmakeshift it also reminds me of how much my father loved volunteering. My father died 12 years ago and he loved volunteering at my brothers keeper so much. So every time I walk in the doors I think about my dad and for me that is one gift that my brothers keeper has given to me. The memory of my dad is forever present at my brothers keeper. Each time I walk through those doors I always picture him and it puts a smile on my face every time! So thank you for that

  34. Mary Marquardt

    At Mass this morning, the priest spoke of how Jesus always has, and always will, provide enough to fill our needs. Jesus’ mission is never more apparent than through the work done at MBK. My family and I were introduced to MKB through the Christmas volunteer program over 10 years ago. We are grateful to be a part of this awesome program. DeColores and Congratulations on this magnificent milestone.

  35. Barbara McMorrow

    25 years…how is that possible??? I wonder just how many lives have been changed through this ministry?? A beautiful legacy has been created and bequeathed…congratulations and God bless!

  36. Barbara McMorrow

    25 years…how is that possible??? I wonder just how many lives have been changed through this ministry?? A beautiful legacy has been created and bequeathed…congratulations and God bless!
    Barbara McMorrow

  37. Anne Souza

    My Brother’s Keeper is a shining beacon of Christ’s love in the world today. It is a place where I feel accepted and loved and it gives me an opportunity to help others in a very tangible way. Keep up the good work and thank you for all you do!

  38. Stephen

    You were always there for me and my family. I appreciate all the things you do for us when we need food and furniture. Thank you and God Bless


    Many years ago, I was introduced to MBK by
    Deacon John Mc Donough, who frequently came by Mats Inc, soliciting donations.
    When his daughter retired from the company, I took up the baton, collecting food donations for Thanksgiving and adopting families for Christmas.
    It has become my most rewarding endeavor and I have brought family members and fellow employees on board.
    Happy 25th and many more to come.

  40. joanca2

    When I questioned where Jesus was in our fallen world, He guided me to My Brother’s Keeper. That is where I found my Jesus.

  41. Helen Harlow

    There is such a sense of purity at MBK…from Jesus’ lips to the doorstep of the disadvantaged MBK operates out of pure love, intention, purpose. I know I am a better person because of my association with this beacon of hope.
    Thank you Jim and Terry and best wishes for the next 25, 50, ..100 years!

  42. Ashley O'Donnell

    I have been so blessed to become a part of the My Brother’s Keeper community and am thankful every day for how it enriches all facets of my life. When I participated in the Urban Plunge in 2011 I never foresaw the impact that one week would have on my dedication to service, my future career and how it would enhance my relationship with God. The staff, volunteers, and those I have had the privilege to serve are constantly teaching me about myself and the love each person should have for their brothers and sisters. It is so rewarding to be able to share the joys of this ministry with my family, my brothers, my friends, and my students as they continue to learn and grow in love and service to each other and God.

  43. Lorraine Baptista

    Seems like only yesterday that the Green Monster was parked out back!

    love, L

  44. Dolores St.Germaine

    Five years ago this May, my husband of 49 years passed away. For a long time, I was like a fish out of water. I had to make a new life for myself. I have many friends but there was still a void. My daughter kept saying, “Mom, you have to go to My Brother’s Keeper, it is such a happy place, give them your time.” It took over a year to get me there but I got there. It is one of the best decisions I have made in a long time, I love going
    to volunteer. First I met Beth. Wonderful young lady – always smiling, Then I met Vinnie, Erich and Jim. Then special ladies that bundle up the dairy and groceries. How can you not love these people. I have feelings for all of them.
    So this is what My Brother’s Keeper gave me – a Christian place to go that
    helps the poor, discouraged, depressed and homeless. This is where I belong, Thank you.

  45. Limeteze Pierre-Gilles, SSND

    Thank you for the blessings you have been to me and countless others-those who serve and those whom we serve.
    Thank you for being the face of Christ to so many people in so many different ways.
    I pray that God continues to bless each one of you for centuries to come.

  46. Fr. John Phalen CSC

    For twenty-five years now My Brothers’ Keeper has been demonstrating how to give graciously, without requirements, without red tape, with love and care the way God gives. And the giving is joyful! Born from the influence of the Cursillo movement of Holy Cross Retreat House, MBK was the pride and joy of Fathers Tom Lawton and Richard Sullivan. Those two Holy Cross evangelizing priests and so many good lay leaders of the movement followed Jim and Terry’s lead. God is bringing this good work to fulfillment now in so many generous souls! Bless them all!

  47. Charles

    My Brother’s Keeper has been there for me many times and for that I am grateful and I thank God. Thank you all very much.

  48. Just Joe

    When I retired from education back in 2003, I knew I wanted to be able to put my time, treasures, and talents to good use for others. I found, or rather, My Brother’s Keeper found, me! What I didn’t realize was that I would be enriched ten-fold in my spiritual, social, and physical well-being because of this experience!

    MBK has been and continues to be a feel good ministry. Thank you for letting me be a part of it. . .

    “Just Joe”

  49. Jim & Terry Orcutt

    It’s a funny thing, so often when people start something they don’t think about the future or what God will bring about through their efforts.
    People often ask us: “If Christ had given you a peek of what the My Brother’s Keeper would become when you started it, in the cellar of your home twenty-five years ago, what would you have thought?
    We laugh and answer, we would have said: “Hey, hold on Lord! We can’t do that…we just want to help a few people to know about your love.”
    But we only see a small part of Christ’s plan at any given time. We see as if looking through the wrong end of a telescope, but God is always looking through the right end.
    Twenty-five years ago Christ saw the ministry’s’ beautiful building, the staff, the fleet of delivery trucks and the thousands of volunteers, who now come to give their time and talent to God and to their brothers and sisters in need. Christ also saw the multitude that have donated furniture and food and given of their treasure to make His work possible.
    And, Christ saw….and was with us, on the nearly 100,000 deliveries of His Love and Hope to those who need our help.
    Along with each of you we are but one cog on God’s wheel. We are humbled and grateful to have been given the privilege of serving others in Christ’s name.

    Jim & Terry Orcutt

  50. Erich, Jodi, Matthew, Clare and Sam

    My Brother’s Keeper has enriched our lives in so many ways… we are better, more compassionate parents & kids because of our service here. It’s one of the greatest blessings the Miller family has received. Thank you all for making My Brother’s Keeper the special place it is!

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